Technology driven model that simplifies the process for you as a business owner so you spend less time trying to find suppliers and more time filling orders for your customer.  Your business provides an online portal for customers, enabling them to source the best quality products and selection from our carefully chosen suppliers.  We choose to work with the best so that your customers receive the best price and quality.

NATION Imagination has invested a great deal into developing online tools to make the organization sustainable today and in the future.  This approach will lead the industry and allow for an advanced delivery on all services.  The Franchisee and their customer are supported in every way, to guarantee a positive experience.

Online Quick Help Desk

  • Quick Help Desk online customer support is the next step in chat applications, a feature-rich, multi-lingual, Flash Application that enables real-time text messaging and streaming audio/video communication through the Imagination website.  Quick Help Desk allows our company to answer customer questions online through real-time video, audio and text channels.


 Incentive Program

  • A comprehensive online incentive program designed to strengthen corporate relations by the recognition of individual and team efforts.  This unique system allows for customization to fit any organizations needs or wants.  The customer is able to manage their employee’s contact information and personal progress.  Both the employer and employee have an interactive medium to connect through. 


Online Store 

  • The Online Store is a customizable tool that meets the promotional material needs of any customer, this tool allows for a point of access from any website currently owned and operated by the customer.  Unlimited upload of new products to the virtual mall, account creation by the store visitor, shopping cart, order placement, order confirmations, and full e-commerce solution.  This tool takes any website to the next level. 

Promotional Marketing Program 

  • The online Promotional Marketing Program creates a virtual and manageable location for all promotional materials a corporation/organization’s employees utilize.  This is the most effective method of inventory management with little upfront investment, but with a very sustainable delivery.  The benefits are invaluable: current catalogue, live updates, information delivery system to employees, inventory management, employee monitoring of product ordering, managed likeability of products, and reporting system to help with budgeting. 

 ESP Web

  • Franchisees search on the ESP Web site to easily find the perfect product from one of Imagination's reputable 3,500+ suppliers.  Guides you to exactly the right item as you enter in product attributes.  Shows you how many products match your search.  Big, hi-resolution images and pricing grids on overview screens.  Product detail screens contain all product information including various pricing options.  ESP Presentations: build your own custom presentation or create a presentation in one click from an ESP template. Edit colors, fonts, images and text to make your presentations ultra- professional. 


ESP Orders

  • Order products directly from ESP Orders.  Simply update the quantities your customer wants to buy and click a single button to create a Master Sales Order Every piece of information related to your order is instantly transferred without re-keying any data including: your distributor information, your client’s shipping and billing information, the supplier’s contact data, each product with pricing and details and more.  The Master Sales Order also generates: purchase orders, customer acknowledgements & invoices, allows you to export sales information to your accounting system and updates a comprehensive order manager showing all of the orders you have placed. Simply click the Generate Purchase Order button to create error-free supplier Purchase Orders. If your order involves 4 suppliers, no problem, four purchase orders (already filled out), are completed. If the order has multiple products, again, no problem, ESP Orders does all of the work and calculations for you. Easily export your sales order data into QuickBooks or ProfitMaker to simplify and speed up your accounting. 


Search Engine

  • When your customer is looking for promotional products our search engine is invaluable.  Whether they are looking for a specific item or just browsing for ideas, our site is their one-stop shopping source. From fun items to the traditional, they can easily shop for some of the hottest items on the market.  When they are ready to buy, our secure check out makes it safe, easy and convenient. Or, if they are just browsing, use the 'information only' option and we'll get back to them.  Quickly and easily find products to: 
    • Improve traffic at trade shows
    • Motivate staff
    • Thank a customer
    • Increase safety awareness