Structure Of The Industry

Two main business categories make up the promotional products industry:

  • Suppliers make up the production end of the industry. They are firms that manufacture, import, convert, imprint, or otherwise process the wearables, writing instruments, recognition awards, business gifts, and other items offered for sale through the promotional products distributor.
  • Distributors develop ideas for the use of promotional products as an advertising medium, buy such items from suppliers and offer a variety of value-added services to the promotion buyer/client, including unique product ideas, creative distribution solutions and insight on the different imprinting methods, just to name a few.

Size of the Industry

The promotional product industry sales in Canada are $3.97 billion dollars, according to recent independent research conducted in 2009 by the Association Resource Centre. Latest figures (based on 2008) show that the Industry in Canada is composed of 6,392 distributors and 830 suppliers.