Term Definition
E-business Ability to perform business over the Internet.
E-mail Ability to send information over the Internet.
Earthtones (Colour Families) Neutral shades reminiscent of colours found in nature, such as deserts, mountains, and valleys. Many of these shades serve as a base of apparel, particularly in clothing (suits, etc.). Colours include tan brown, sage, and charcoal.
Eco Spun Fleece outerwear fabric made from at least 50% materials reclaimed from recycled plastic pop bottles.
Electronic (Engraving) Any artwork from child's signature to newspaper is reproduced as long as it can be wrapped around a cylindrical drum.
Electronic marketing System using magnetic card at a checkout to give retail customers incentive credits, accumulate purchase information, issue discount coupons, authorize check-cashing, and other functions.
Embedment Medallion, logo or everyday object is buried deep in what appears to be solid glass but instead is acrylic.
Emblem Embroidered design with a finished edge, commonly an insignia of identification, usually worn on outer clothing. Also known as a crest or patch.
Emboss and colour-fill Combining hot-stamping with embossing (opposite of debossing). A raised image is stamped with foil. True embossing cannot be performed on vinyl.
Embossing Raising of an image on a product, accomplished by pressing the material between concave and convex dies.
Embroidery Design stitched onto fabric through the use of high-speed, computer-controlled sewing machines.
Art of creating and producing ornamental needlework consisting of designs worked on fabric with high lustre threads either by hand or machine.
Employee award Incentive to a non-sales employee for safety, quality control, suggestions, attendance, or productivity achievement.
Employee incentive Program designed to motivate a company's own employees with premiums given for specific actions taken or goals met. Also called recognition program.
End on end Knit process using two yarns of alternating colours to create a micro-stripe pattern. In a woven, a pattern in which the warp alternates between two colours.
End-user Purchaser of a promotional product. The recipient is one it's given to.
Engineered stripes Usually yarn dyed knitwear made on modern knitting equipment with wide bands of multiple colours. The effect is not possible to achieve on less sophisticated repeat machines. This is a jersey or pique fabric with different, more complicated needle selections.
Engraving Cutting an image into metal, wood or glass by one of three methods; computerized engraving, hand tracing or hand engraving.
Envelope stuffer Direct-mail ad circular or product included with some other mailed message.
Enzyme wash Washing process that uses a cellulose-based solution to obtain garments that appear to have been stonewashed or acid washed.
EPS (or) .eps Encapsulated Postscript A type of graphics file written in the PostScript language.
Etched Imprinting method in which the product to be imaged is coated with a protective coating that resists acid. The image is then exposed, leaving bare metal and protected metal. The acid attacks only the exposed metal, leaving the image etched onto the surface.
Extinguishment A term used to describe the cessation or surrender of aboriginal rights to lands and resources in exchange for rights granted in a treaty.