Term Definition
Rack stitch Knit pattern produced by a shift in the needle bed that creates a herringbone effect.
Raglan Raglan sleeve is stitched under the arm and in two parallel lines leading from the armpit to the neck. It makes for ease of movement.
Ramie Strong staple fibre of cellulose yielded by the inner bark of the ramie plant. Often used as a less expensive substitute for linen or cotton.
Random sample Single copy of a product with a random imprint.
Raster graphics Raster-based graphics have become a standard technology and are popularly known by their GIF and JPEG formats. Raster graphics use pixel-by-pixel definitions as opposed to vector graphics which use computer algorithms to describe shapes, lines, animation, etc.
Rayon High absorbency, bright or dull lustre, pleasant hand. Does well in brilliant colours.
Redemption center Store maintained by a trading-stamp company, where customers can redeem filled stamp books for premiums.
Redemption reserve Funds put aside by a stamp firm or the user of a coupon plan to pay the cost of merchandise for future redemptions - which may come in several years after original issue of stamps or coupons. Also used by food stores in tape programs.
Referral premium Item offered to customers for helping sell a product or service to a friend or associate.
Register marks Cross-hair marks applied to negatives, artwork, photographs or mechanicals to ensure precise register on the final product.
Registration (hot-stamping) Process by which two or more hot-stamps are aligned, so the multicoloured foils fit the image area perfectly.
Representative (or rep) Salesperson for an advertising or promotional medium.
Reprocessed wool Wool that has been reclaimed from manufactured products that have not been used by a consumer, including dyed or undyed yarn, and fabric scraps from mills and clothing manufacturers. The wool is returned to fibre form and spun into new yarns, which are used to make fabrics of low to medium quality.
Reserve The Indian Act describes a reserve as lands which have been set apart for the use and benefit of a Band, and for which the legal title rests with the Crown in right of Canada. The federal government has primary jurisdiction over these lands and the people living on them.
Reserve account Arrangement whereby a portion of the salesperson's commission is set aside to compensate for order cancellations and invoicing adjustments.
Resolution Density of dots for any given output device. The unit of measurement is dots per inch (dpi).
Restricted line Product line where a supplier specifies the minimum volume, credit or geographic location of distributors permitted to sell it.
Retouching Process of improving/highlighting necessary details in a picture, photograph, print or drawing.
Reused wool Wool that has been reclaimed from manufactured products after they have been used by consumers. The wool is returned to fibre form, cleansed or over-dyed, and spun again into new yarns, which are used to make inexpensive low-quality fabrics.
Reverse Mirror like inversion of elements on a printing plate in relation to their order on the surface printed from it.
Reverse jersey Knit that uses the back side of jersey fabric for the face of the garment.
Rib knit Knitted fabric produced with two sets of needles (double knit) in which the vertical rows of loops (wales) can be seen alternately on the face and back. Stretch in the width is excellent.
Romance card Usually a card or small folder containing information relating to the origin or history of the specialty that it accompanies.
Rotary Relies on a computer and controller to send messages concerning the desired design to a flat-bed engraving table.
Rotogravure Type of printing, utilizing an etched copper cylinder.
Rubylith Clear orange coating on an acetate base, used in preparing camera-ready artwork when one or more colours will be used. Also known as amberlith.