Term Definition
Pad printing Method of imprinting in which a recessed surface is covered with ink. When the plate is wiped clean, ink remains in the recessed area. A silicone pad then presses against the plate, pulls the ink out of the recesses and is pressed directly against the product.
Page description language Method for communicating page, font, and graphic information from the workstation to the print-out device.
Pagination Process of performing page makeup automatically.
Paisley Abstract scroll pattern that originated in Paisley, Scotland.
Panels Five and six-panel caps. Six panels sewn together from the crown of the cap creating a seam down the front of the cap. Good for embroidery, but not a good choice for printing. A five-panel cap has five panels sewn together to form the crown of the cap. Since there is not seam down the front of the cap, five panels are an ideal choice for printing and embroidery.
Pantograph (Engraving) Master letters or designs are traced with a stylus that is connected to and followed by a cutting tool that pushes the lettering or image into metal. Used in many jewellery shops to engrave silver-plated bowls and cups.
Pantone Matching System (PMS) Colour scale used to precisely match colours for printing. Each hue has a coded number indicating instructions for mixing inks to achieve that hue.
Paper proof Impression of type or artwork on paper so the correctness and quality of the material to be printed can be checked. The least expensive is a regular black and white faxed paper proof. The most expensive is an actual physical preproduction sample of the product itself.
Part-cash redemption Option, often included with coupon programs, allowing the customer to get a premium more quickly by sending fewer coupons plus a specified cash amount.
Paste-up Act of producing mechanical art.
Pastels (Colour Families) Soft unwashed colours such as sky blue, seafoam green, coral, baby pink, and butter yellow that are used predominantly in spring and summer deliveries and in warmer climates.
PBM Portable Bitmap
PCD Photo CD
PCX ZSoft Paintbrush
PDF (or) .pdf Adobe Acrobat Document format
Peach finish Soft hand usually obtained by brushing the fabric lightly. It can also be achieved with chemical or laundry abrasion.
Pencil rub Low-cost way of producing a "sample" of an embroidery design. Consists literally of a piece of tracing paper placed over a sew-out and rubbed lightly with a pencil to produce an impression for the embroidery.
Per inquiry Means of media payment used in direct-response programs.
Perceived value What someone believes promotional merchandise is worth.
Permanent press Improves the wrinkle recovery and shape retention qualities of fabrics.
Personalize To imprint the recipient's name on a particular product.
PFD Products that are specially manufactured for dyeing; 100% cotton thread, oversized cut to allow for shrinkage; no optical brighteners for even dye coverage.
Phantom Transparent image or ghost superimposed over a subject.
Photo etching Printing process using an acid solution to etch a photograph onto a metal surface.
Photographic imaging (Engraving) 1. Photometal processes actually develop metal by using photosensitive, anodized aluminum in either metal stock or metal sheet stock.
Photographic imaging (Engraving) (continued) 2. Chemical etching uses negative or camera-ready artwork, exposes it and coats the metal using acid or other more toxic chemicals to eat away impressions on the metal not covered by film.
Photomechanical transfer IPMT Diffusion-transfer process used to resize or copy images.
Photostate Black-and-white reproduction of original art, generally not acceptable as "camera-ready" art.
Piece-a-week offer Self-liquidating or profit-making retail offer of related premiums, once a week for 12 to 15 weeks, with specified purchases.
Pigment dyed Caps are coloured with a particular pigment that reacts with the washing to create a faded look.
Pincheck Very small check pattern that is popular for suits, sportswear and outerwear.
Pique Single knit construction also known as honeycomb or mesh. An open knit surface with a coarser hand than jersey or interlock.
Plackets (Slits in apparel forming a closure). A small boxed area at the bottom of where the buttons are.
Plain weave Simplest, most common of three basic weaves (over one/under one interlacement). Provides a smooth surface for printing. The other basic weaves are satin and twill. (See Broadcloth, Chambray, and Poplin).
Plate Rubber or metal image carrier that transfers ink to the printing surface.
PMG PageMaker
PNG Portable Network Graphics
Point-based system Program in which recipients earn premiums based on an acquired number of points.
Point-of-purchase (POP) advertising Advertising materials such as displays and cards that are placed in retail stores to draw attention to a product.
Polyester Versatile in weights and textures for weaves and knits. Resists wrinkling. Excellent shape retention.
Poplin Medium to heavyweight unbalanced plain weave. It is a spun yarn fabric that is usually piece dyed. Usually poplin is constructed with fine yarn, densely woven, resulting in a crisp, dressy appearance.
Position proof Colour proofs for checking position, layout and/or colour breakout of image elements.
Positive Image reproduction with the same density values as the original.
Post-cure Resin treated fabric is cut and sewn. The finished garment is then cured in a high temperature curing oven.
PPT (or) .ppt MS PowerPoint
Premium Product, imprinted or not, that is given for performing some task or duty, e.g., a gift with a purchase.
Premium rep Incentive representative.
Premium show Exhibition featuring displays of incentive suppliers.
Press Proof Proof of a colour subject made on printing press in advance of the production run.
Prize Reward given to the winner in a contest, sweepstakes, or lottery; also sometimes refers to a sales incentive award.
Pro forma invoice Invoice issued as a matter of record and sent to the distributor prior to the shipment of products to confirm the specifications.
Profile Height of a cap's crown. Low-profile is approximately 3.5". Regular profile is approximately 3.75". Pro-style is somewhere in-between the two.
Progressive proofs Colour proofs that show the reproduction of each colour plate separately and in combination with each other. Also called colour keys.
Progressive proofs or 'progs ' Proofs made from separate plates in colour work showing sequence of printing and result after each colour has been applied.
Promotional buyer Advertiser or other purchaser of promotional products from distributors. Also know as end-user.
Promotional product Useful or interesting article of merchandise usually carrying an imprinted advertising or promotional message.
Proof Impression of type or artwork on paper to allow the correctness and quality of the material to be checked.
Proof-of-purchase Box-top, label, trademark, coupon, UPC symbol or other token from a product, which qualifies a consumer to receive a premium.
Proportion Design concept expressing an element's relationship of length to width.
Protected domains Areas that are accessible only by authorized people usually by the use of a Fire Wall.
Proxy (or) proxy server A technique used to cache information on a Web server and acts as an intermediary between a Web client and that Web server. It basically holds the most commonly and recently used content from the World Wide Web for users in order to provide quicker access and to increase server security. This is common for an ISP especially if they have a slow link to the Internet. Proxy servers are also constructs that allow direct Internet access from behind a firewall. They open a socket on the server, and allow communication via that socket to the Internet. For example, if your computer is inside a protected network, and you want to browse the Web using Netscape, you would set up a proxy server on a firewall. The proxy server would be configured to allow requests from your computer, trying for port 80, to connect to its port 1080, and it would then redirect all requests to the proper places.
PSD (or) .psd Photoshop
Psychographics Measurement of the psychological and lifestyle characteristics of individuals or households.
Puff prints Screening process using puff inks. After screening, the product is exposed to heat. A chemical additive in the ink causes it to rise, creating a raised surface.
Purchase privilege offer Term little used. Once commonly applied to self-liquidating food-store promotions akin to the tape redemption or continuity programs, often using punched trade cards.
Purchase-with-purchase Self-liquidating direct premium offer.