Term Definition
Jacquard Type of woven or knitted fabric, which is constructed on a special machine that uses needle selection which results in intricate, complex all-over designs. Single knit jacquards are commonly knit with two separate coloured yarns that are knit together in a row. Double knit jacquards are knit with up to five separate coloured yarns across a row. Double knits are generally much more intricate, more colourful and yet heavier (mostly used in long sleeve product). Woven jacquard fabrics include brocade, damask and tapestry.
Java Developed by Sun Microsystems, Java is a programming language that is specifically designed for writing programs that can be safely downloaded to your computer through the Internet and immediately run without fear of viruses or other harm to your computer or files. Using small Java programs (called "Applets"); Web pages can include functions such as animations, calculators, and other fancy tricks. Java is a simple, robust, object-oriented, platform independent multi-threaded, dynamic general-purpose programming environment. It is best for creating applets and applications for the Internet, intranets and any other complex, distributed network.
Java applets Mini programs that run on a Web page or a Web site to perform complicated tasks.
Jersey Single knit construction which has rows of vertical loops (knit stitches) on the face and rows of horizontal half-loops (purl stitches) on the back. Jersey can be any fibre content and can be knit flat or circular. Often used in short sleeve knit shirts.
Jewel Tones (Colour Families) Are still deeper, saturated, more vibrant colours that include brights, such as emerald green, ruby red, and sapphire blue that cross seasons.
JPG/JPEG (or) .jpg/.jpeg Joint Photographic Experts Group is a standard compression format for high-resolution colour images.