Term Definition
Half-moon label mount Fabric sewn inside the back of the garment just below the neck to add hanger appeal and to allow for placement of the label without visible stitches.
Halftone Engraving made by photographing through a glass screen that breaks the subject into small dots of varying intensities of gray, ranging from white to black.
Hand Quality of characteristic of fabrics perceived by sense of touch, e.g., softness, firmness, drapeability, fineness of the feel.
Hand or manual (Engraving) Used for detailed work on materials ranging from metal to eggshells. Not practical for volume orders.
Hardware Computer and peripherals as distinguished from software, which is a program for operating hardware.
Heat-transfer printing (direct transfer process) Imprinting method in which an image is screened onto a transfer substrate, which is then laid directly on the material to be imprinted. The image is transferred from the substrate to the material through heat and pressure.
Heat-transfer printing (sublimation) Process in which a design is transferred to a synthetic fabric by heat and pressure. The heat causes the inks to turn into a gas so that they penetrate the fabric and combine with it to form a permanent imprint. Also called a plastocal transfer.
Heather yarn Tow (or more) toned yarn which is knit or woven to create a soft tonal effect.
Henley Knit shirt with buttoned placket at the neckline with no collar. Copied from a shirt originally worn by a rower in Henley, England.
Herringbone Broken twill weave fabric created by changing the direction of twill from right to left and back again. This creates a chevron pattern. Herringbone fabrics are made in a variety of weights, patterns, and fibre types. Herringbone patterns can also be knitted as a jacquard.
Hologram Combination of several layers of refractive material that causes the image to have a three-dimensional effect.
Home page Entry point to a Web site. The first page that viewers see. Also the Web page that loads when a browser is first started up.
Homespun Rough, coarse, tweed-like fabric made with thick, uneven yarns and a plain weave. Once made by hand, now produced on power looms.
Hostess/Host gift Way of compensating a customer who hosts a party plan.
Hot stamping Dry imprinting process in which a design or type is set on a relief die that is subsequently impressed by heat and pressure onto the printing surface.
Hot type Type composed by machine and made from molten metal.
Hound’s-tooth Popular wool pattern made with a variation of the twill weave to form jagged broken checks. It is not widely used to make many types of fabrics, especially suitings.
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) Language that defines styles for Web pages such as headings, paragraphs, lists, tables as well as characters such as type size and typestyle (boldface, italic, etc.).
HTTP Hyper text transfer protocol. A protocol agreed upon to access information on the Web.
Hyperlink - a.k.a. "link" The text you find on a Web site which can be "clicked on" with a mouse which in turn will take you to another Web page or a different area of the same Web page. Hyperlinks are created or "coded" in HTML. They are also used to load multimedia files such as AVI movies and AU sound files.
Hypertext Enables users to read and navigate text in a nonlinear way. Instead of reading in a linear structure, such as a book, readers can skip easily from one point to another.