Term Definition
Baby herringbone Herringbone knit using fine yarns resulting in a lighter and smoother fabrication.
Baby pique

Pique knit using fine yarns - same as baby herringbone.


Woven or nonwoven material used underneath the item or fabric being embroidered to provide support and stability.


An insignia of identification.


A band is an organizational structure defined in the Indian Act which represents a particular group of Indians as defined under the Indian Act

Band Council

This is the governing body for a band. It usually consists of a chief and councillors who are elected (under the Indian Act or band custom) for two or three-year terms to carry out band business, which may include education, water and sewer, fire services, community buildings, schools, roads, and other community businesses and services.

Basket weave Variation of the plain weave in which two or more warp and weft threads are woven side by side to resemble a "basket" look. Fabrics have a loose construction and a flat appearance.
Beaded placket

Design detail at the opening of the placket that is formed by rolling the underside of the top placket to the face creating a piped or ridge detail at the edge. Sometimes the beading is in a contrast colour.

Bean Stitch

Three stitches applied back and forth between two points, in the same space as one regular stitch. This stitch is used to provide secure registration in place of a repeated, single stitch outline that may not align properly.

Bengaline Lustrous durable fabric with heavy crosswise ribs, used to make coats and suits.


Any downloadable file that contains more than simply human-readable, ASCII text. Typically it refers to a runnable program available text. Typically, it refers to a program available for download, but it can also refer to pictures, sounds, or movies, among other things.

Most newsgroups have subgroups specifically for binaries; a posting in comp.sys.mac.comm might announce that a program is available for download, but the binary (the file itself) would be found in comp.sys.mac.comm.binaries. 

Newsgroups, such as alt.pictures.binaries, contain files for download (in this case, pictures). You will need a newsreader to download and decode binary files.


Basic Input/Output System (pronounced: buyohs

A technical computing term used to describe what is coded into a PC’s ROM to provide the basic instructions for controlling the system hardware. The operating system (OS) and application programs both directly access BIOS routines to provide better compatibility for such functions as screen display. 

Some makers of add-in boards, such as graphics accelerator cards, provide their own BIOS modules that work in conjunction with (or replace) the BIOS on the system’s motherboard.


Caps are dyed normally and then very gently washed with stones in a chemical solvent to create a very subtle worn look.

Bird's eye

Small diamond pattern accentuated by a dot in the middle, resembling the eye of a bird. Commonly used in suitings.

Birthday plan Sale whereby employees or customers receive a specialty or business gift on their birthdays

Basic unit of digital information.

Blanket cloth

Thick heavily fuller woollen fabric with a softly brushed finish similar to an actual blanket, used for outerwear.

Blatt Stitch A term used in Schiffli embroidery, referring to zigzag stitches laid close together. In Multi-head embroidery, the term is Satin Stitch.
Blazer cloth General term for a variety of flannels and melt-ons used to make blazers.

Two or more types of staple fibres in one yarn to achieve colour mixtures, unusual dyeing variations, or better performance characteristics. The most common blend is cotton and polyester.

Blind embossing

Design stamped without metallic leaf or ink, giving a bas-relief effect.

Blind Stamping

Hot-stamping without fail. The approach, used often with leather, gives a more subtle imprint than hot stamping and a shallower imprint than debossing.



Any picture you see on a Web page is a bitmap. Bitmaps come in many file formats, such as GIF, JPG, TIF, BMP, PCT, PCX, and DIB (Device Independent Bitmap). They can be read and edited by paint programs and image editors such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. As its name suggests, a bitmap is a map of dots or pixels. If you zoom in or try to scale up a bitmap, it will look blocky.


The joining together of two fabrics permanently with a bonding agent (also known as heat sealing).

Boiled wool

Thick dense fabric that is heavily filled to completely obscure its knitted construction. It has the suppleness of a knit, with the ability and shape retention of a woven fabric.


The joining together of two fabrics permanently with a bonding agent (also known as heat sealing).


A sharp pointed instrument used to puncture goods, part of the Schiffli embroidery machine.


Open-work incorporated into embroidered designs; a sharp-pointed instrument punctures or bores the fabric, and stitches are made around the opening to enclose the raw edges.

Borrowed interest

Technique in which a marketer associates a promotion or product with a better-known property for the purpose of attracting attention or implied


French for buckled, curled or ringed. It describes a knitted or woven fabric characterized by loops, knots, or curls on one or both sides, made with a variety of looped, curled, or slubbed yarns in one or both directions.


A yarn with loops producing a rough, nubby appearance on woven or knitted fabric.


When an e-mail message cannot get to its recipient for some reason, it is returned or bounced to the sender, with an error message informing the user that it was not sent. This is also known as “bouncing back.” You may hear someone say, “I tried to send you an e-mail message but it got bounced back.” If this happens to you, check the e-mail address and

contact tech support at your ISP.
Bounce-back Bonus direct-mail offer sent along with a premium won or earned by the consumer.
Break for colour

To separate, by colour, elements to be printed in different colours.

Brights (Colour Families)

Grouping made up of vibrant, primary colours such as blue, green, red, and yellow.

Broadcloth Close plain weave fabric made of cotton, rayon, or a blend of cotton or rayon with polyester. The term broadcloth is also used in reference to a plain or twill weave wool or wool-blend fabric that is highly napped (brushed) and then pressed flat.

Broken link (or) broken graphic

A link that no longer works or a graphic that does not appear when a Web page loads are said to be "broken." In other words, when a link or image is "clicked on" and it does not take you to the correct destination, but instead an error message appears, the link is broken. When an image doesn’t load, and instead you see the alt text or some generic icon shapes, it’s a broken graphic.

Broken links and broken graphics occur for several reasons: the server hosting the Web site has shut down temporarily or has been restarted; the Web site has moved to an entirely new server; the file or files have been moved or deleted; or the HTML code is incorrect.


Used to view and navigate Web pages and other information on the World Wide Web.

Browser compatibility

A term used to compare the way a Web page looks on one WWW browser as opposed to another. For example, if you view NetLingo.com on Netscape, it will look pretty much the same as it does on Internet Explorer (illustrating browser compatibility).

Some time ago, though, if you viewed NetLingo.com on the AOL browser, it would’ve looked jumbled (a case of browser incompatibility). The reason these incompatibilities exist relates to the way a browser interprets the code that creates a Web page (HTML).

Browser compatibility can also refer to cross-platform compatibility, which is, for example, the way a page renders or displays on a Windows system as opposed to on a Mac. 

The differences are usually very slight; however, just enough to annoy some Web designers and their clients into spending great time and energy on beta-testing a Web site with every browser on every type of system. Browser compatibility is often mentioned in conjunction with the term browser support, but the two should not be confused.


Finishing process for knit or woven fabrics where brushes or other devices are used to raise a nap in fabrics to create a novelty surface texture. Used mainly in fall or winter seasons because of its warm feel.


Liner which adds support to the front of a cap.


Manufacturer's identification mark printed on a form or product, usually in an inconspicuous area.

Bullion A handmade emblem, made with brass or silver hollow thread. These finished emblems are a product of India or Pakistan

Business gift 

Merchandise given by a business for goodwill, without obligation to its customers and employees. Also known as an executive gift.


Opportunity for travel incentive participants to purchase part of a trip if they do not fully qualify by sales performance.


Unit of digital information, equivalent to one character or 8 or 32 bits.